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League Rules - 1997

How it works
	The League will consist of an even number of teams, up to 16.  Each team consists of 13 players from actual NFL teams.  There are seven players started each week and one Team Defense/Special Team.  Each team has 5 reserve players.  Each team starts:
	1	Quarterback
	2	Running Backs
	2	Wide Receivers	
	1	Tight End	
	1	Kicker	
	1	Special Team/Defense

Each week, each fantasy team plays another fantasy team as predetermined by the schedule.  Wins, losses, and ties are recorded for the regular season, with the results to determine playoff seedings.  There will be either 3 or 4 rounds of playoffs, to be determined by the size of the league.  The Championship will be held on the last week of the NFL regular season.

Point System
	Points are given according to each player’s actual scoring in NFL games that week.  Points are given out as follows:
	6pts	Rushing touchdowns
	6pts	Receiving touchdowns
	6pts	Return touchdowns (kickoff, interception or fumble recovery returned)
	3pts 	Passing touchdowns
	3pts	Field Goal
	2pts	Safety
	2pts	Rushing or Receiving for conversion
	1pt	Extra point 
	1pt	Passing for conversion
In addition Bonus points are given for the following:
	1pt	300 yards Passing
	1pt	100 yards Rushing or Receiving
The total of all seven of your starting players and your Team Defense determines your weekly score.  The team scoring the most points between you and your weekly opponent, wins that week’s game.  Line-ups may be changed from week to week but no changes may be made after the deadline.  The deadline to submit your lineup to the commissioner is by 5:00pm the day before the earliest NFL game.  Exceptions will be made on weeks that include a Thursday game.  Those players playing on Thursday must be selected by 5:00pm on Wednesday but all other players may be selected by 5:00pm the day preceding the next NFL games.

Acquiring Players
	Teams can acquire players by the Draft, Trades with other teams, Pick up of Free Agents and if necessary Supplemental Drafts.
Drafting players
	The 1997 Joe Carr Fantasy Football league Draft will be held at the Red Brick Tavern on Tuesday, August the 26th at approximately 6:15pm.
	The draft will consist of 13 rounds, with the order to be determined by lot.  Each team will get a pick in each round.  In even numbered rounds the picks will be in inverse order to the previous round. (The team picking first in the first round will select last in the second round and so on. The team picking last in round one will start round two.)
	Each team will have a time limit of two minutes per pick.  If a team does not select a player before the two minutes are up, the next team in order will be allowed to select if they are ready before the forfeiting team is allowed to select.
	All current (and former) NFL players are eligible to be drafted.  Each player may be selected by only one Fantasy team.  Any players unpicked after al 13 rounds of the draft are completed will be considered a free agent.
Waivers/Free Agents
	All players unselected in the draft are available to be taken the following week via waivers.  In order to claim a player from waivers you must notify the commissioner by 5:00 Friday of each week.  A team claiming a free agent must release one of its’ players to make room for the new player on the roster.  The player to be released must be stated by the team owner at the time of the transaction.  A team may claim more than one player per week but must maintain a total roster of 13 including Defense.
	If more than one team wishes to claim the same player, the team with the lower record will prevail.  If the teams have the same record, the team with the fewest total points will prevail.  If the teams are still tied, a coin toss will be used to determine the winner.  
Trading Players
	Teams may trade players amongst themselves so long as they observe the 13 player roster limit.  All trades must involve an equal number of players (no two for one swaps) although the positions may vary.  ALL Trades are subject to the approval of the commissioner.  The commissioner’s word is final.  Trades must be made by 5:00pm Friday of each week for players to be eligible to that Sunday’s game.
	Trading Deadline - No trades may be made after the 10th week of the season.
Supplemental Draft
	The supplemental draft will be held if necessary during the week before the fantasy playoffs start.  Only Free Agent players will be available to be chosen.  Players on non playoff teams will not be eligible.  The supplemental draft will only be held if agreed to by a majority of teams in the playoffs.  The draft will be in inverse order of the won-loss records of the teams at the time of the draft.  Any ties will be broken following the tie breaker procedures as described under the waiver procedure.

Bye week procedures
	 Players may have their previous week’s scores carried over to their bye week’s only if so designated by the team owner before they play the game before the bye week.  (Ex.  Jerry Rice has next week off, Team 1 designated Rice for both week’s games.  The points Rice scores this week are also the points he scores next week.)  If the player is not designated then he will be ineligible for the bye week.

Playoffs and Payoffs
	The structure of the playoffs will be determined by the number of teams in the league.  At least 8 teams will make the playoffs, with the championship being the final regular season NFL weekend.

League fees
	League fees will be paid by each franchise in the league.  Dollar amounts and payouts will be determined by the number of teams in the league.

	JCFFL Commissioner -- Jim Hammar
	e-mail the commish at
	JCFFL Web site
All standings, roster moves, schedule, team profiles, photos, and more at the JCFFL Web site
*** All roster moves and line-ups may be sent to the commish at his email address.
Any rules not covered in this document will be handled by the commissioner, whos’ word will be final.

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